braces for kidsIf your child has braces, then you know just how hard it can be to ensure that they are taking the best care of their braces and their teeth. While it may seem like a full-time job to ensure that they are brushing their teeth, using their Water Pik, and wearing their rubber-bands— the results will quickly pay off and your child will soon have a mouth full of straight and healthy teeth. Read on to learn more about not only the importance of ensuring your child takes care of their braces and teeth but how you can incentivize them to do so.

Teeth Brushing
If it was hard to get your child to brush their teeth before they had their braces, then now won’t be an exception. Because food and bacteria can get trapped in between your child’s brackets, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that they are not just brushing twice a day but after every meal. Yes, it may seem embarrassing to make them brush their teeth after lunch while they are at school, but assure them that it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal and that they can brush their teeth in private.

*As an incentive for teeth brushing, tell your child that they can pick an activity of their choosing if they brush their teeth after every meal for a week without having to be reminded.

Water Pik
Have you ever tried to floss your teeth while wearing braces? It can seem virtually impossible. Luckily by using a water flosser like a Water Pik, your child will be able to get the same benefits of flossing without having to force floss between their wires and brackets. By using pressurized water, Water Pik’s work to get out trapped food and bacteria in between your child’s teeth. Unlike brushing, this can be used once or twice a day and doesn’t have to be used after every meal.

*As an incentive for using a Water Pik on a consistent basis, let your child pick out their favorite dessert to share with the family.

Many brace wearers have to wear rubber-bands at one time or another during their treatment. Rubber band’s help not only with teeth straightening but with jaw alignment as well and so it is especially important that they wear their rubber-bands as directed.

*As an incentive for wearing rubber-bands, which can sometimes cause your child’s mouth to feel sore, let your child stay up an hour later on the weekends.