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Gum Sculpting Treatment | Marina Del Rey, CAAre you interested in Gum Sculpting treatment near Marina Del Rey, CA? If so, Dr. Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIF has years of experience practicing dentistry in Marina Del Rey. Our dentistry also has a fantastic staff that will provide you with exceptional care and makes you feel comfortable. Whether you live in Playa Del Rey, Venice, Mar Vista, Del Rey, Alsace, or anywhere in-between, Dr. Tamura can help with your gum sculpting procedure.

Also known as gum reshaping and gum contouring, gum sculpting procedures can help improve your confidence and mental health. Many patients that undergo this procedure have uneven gums or gums that cover to much of their teeth. This may be caused by genetics or the use of certain prescription medications. That is why it is important to talk to Dr. Tamura and see if cosmetic gum procedures is right for you.

What is Gum Sculpting?

Gum Sculpting is a procedure where excess gum tissue is removed in order to expose more of a tooth’s surface. As a result, teeth appear longer and a patient’s smile is improved.

How do I know if I need a Gum Sculpting procedure?

Most of the time, gum sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that patients choose to have in order to improve their smile.

How is Gum Sculpting performed?

Gum Sculpting is done using a dental laser. At our Marina Del Rey dental office, we use the latest technology and equipment in order to provide you with exceptional care.

How much does Gum Sculpting cost?

The cost of gum sculpting varies for each patient based on insurance and the amount of work that needs to be done. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Tamura, he can provide you with more information.

Before and After Gum Sculpting Treatment

“Ever since I was 10 years old, I always hated getting my picture taken.  In every picture where I am smiling my teeth always looked too short.”

Before Gum Sculpting | Dr. Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIF

“I talked to my dentist about getting some cosmetic dentistry done so I could have the beautiful smile I had always wanted.  She said she could make my teeth look longer using Porcelain Veneers.  She said that I would need six veneers on all my upper front teeth and it would cost $9,000.  I was so depressed that it was going to cost so much that I told my best friend.  She said that I should see her dentist, Dr. Scott Tamura in Marina Del Rey.  I went in for a consultation with Dr. Tamura and he told me that I didn’t need Porcelain Veneers.  He told me that my teeth were normally shaped, but just covered up by excess gum tissue.  He said he could do a procedure called GUM SCULPTING where he gently removed the excess gum tissue using a Dental Laser and my front teeth would not look too short anymore.”

After Gum Sculpting | Dr. Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIF

“I had the procedure done and just like Dr. Tamura had said, it was almost painless.  Now I love getting my picture taken.  I smile all of the time now thanks to Dr. Tamura.”

– Katherine M.

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