Neuromuscular Dentistry in Marina Del Rey, CA

NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY:  Alignment + Balance = Harmony

 Structurally, our bodies are made up of two parts.  Hard Tissue (bones, joints, teeth) held together by Soft Tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage).  For optimum health, your Hard Tissue must be in Alignment and your Soft Tissue must be in Balance.

The majority of dentists only look in your mouth and evaluate your teeth, gums and the bone around your teeth.  NEUROMUSCULAR Dentists, like Dr. Tamura, believe that for our patients to be healthy the structure of their bodies must be in Harmony.

First, we evaluate your Hard Tissue to make sure it is in Alignment.  We want your upper teeth to evenly mesh with your lower teeth when you bite together or swallow.  We want your lower teeth to be in alignment with your lower jaw and your upper teeth to be in alignment with your upper jaw.  We want your upper and lower jaws to be in the correct position relative to your skull (cranium) and we want your teeth to hold your lower jaw so that your jaw joints are stress free when you open and close your jaws or chew.

Because your Soft Tissue is attached to your Hard Tissue, if the Hard Tissue is out of alignment, it will put strain on the Soft Tissue that attaches to it and your Soft Tissue will be out of balance.  When your soft tissue is out of balance, you will feel it as muscle pain, headaches, neck aches or joints that do not articulate smoothly and make popping, clicking or grinding noises.

Neuromuscular Dentists like Dr. Tamura have special technology to evaluate your Hard and Soft Tissues to see if they are in Alignment and Balance.  Marina Del Rey Dentist, Dr. Scott Tamura uses Digital Radiography to evaluate your Cranium (Cephalometric Analysis), Jaw Joints (Tomographic Analysis), Jaws (Panoramic Analysis) and Teeth (Dental X-rays).  Dr. Tamura uses the Myotronics K7 computer system to evaluate your Soft Tissues like EMG’s to evaluate your muscles and Jaw Tracking to evaluate your ligaments and cartilage.

Once you have had a Full Neuromuscular Evaluation with Dr. Tamura, he will be able to tell you if your Hard Tissue is in Alignment and if your Soft Tissue is in Balance.  Signs that your Hard and Soft Tissue may not be in Harmony are:

Neck Aches
Shoulder Aches
Back Aches
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Ankle Pain
Foot Pain
Tingling in your Fingers
Ear Congestion
Full/Stuffy/Itchy Ears
Ringing in the Ears
Vertigo/Balance Problems
Daytime Sleepiness
Restless Leg Syndrome
Difficulty Focusing/Thinking
ADD/ADHD (adults and children)
Bed Wetting (children)
Acid Reflux/GERD/Heartburn
High Blood Pressure
Sinus Problems, Difficulty Breathing Through your Nose

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