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The Number One Cause of Tooth Loss in Adults in the United States is…..

NOT from cavities, eating too much sugar or decay. The number one reason people loose their teeth is from bone loss caused by Periodontal Disease. “Perio” means around, dontal means tooth. Perio-dontal disease is disease in the structures that surround the teeth, specifically, the gums and the bone.

If you don’t brush, floss and get your teeth professionally cleaned by a hygienist on a regular basis, the build up on your teeth, like plaque and tartar, will cause an infection in your gums. If the infection in your gums is not treated, it will cause an infection in the bone that surrounds your teeth. If the bone infection around your teeth is not treated, it will cause the bone around your teeth to dissolve away which will eventually lead to tooth loss.

How Can You Tell If There Is Bone Loss Around Your Teeth?

Periodontal Probe and Periodontal Exams by Scott L. Tamura DMD, LVIFThrough a screening process call Periodontal Probing. A Periodontal Probe is like a small ruler that is rounded on the end. It is gently placed below the gumline by the Hygienist and it allows us to measure the amount of bone there is around your teeth. The more bone loss there is, the farther the probe goes below the gumline.

A full periodontal probing should be completed at EVERY teeth cleaning visit. Because we document the results of every periodontal probing that you have, over time, we can identify changes in your probing measurements and be alerted to the changing status of the health of the gums and bone in your mouth. You are born with a full compliment of bone around your teeth that should last you a lifetime. Once the bone around your teeth is lost, you can never get it back. That is why it is so important to come on a regular basis and be screened for gum disease that leads to bone disease that leads to tooth loss. To schedule a visit, to measure the bone around your teeth, click HERE.

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