Childhood Facial Development

Child and Teen Orthodontics

All children should be evaluated by a dentist who is familiar with the skeletal growth of the head and neck. The reason this is important is that early childhood growth patterns that are abnormal can be identified and treated while facial development is still occurring. INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTICS takes advantage of the natural growth of the upper and lower jaws and can significantly impact your child or teens facial growth. Major facial growth problems that are not diagnosed and treated in their early stages are significantly more difficult to treat once the patient has reached adulthood and usually require Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to correct.


SmileOn Dentistry has extensive education and training in identifying abnormal facial growth patterns and has specialized Radiological Equipment that can be used to take a Lateral Cephalometric X-ray from which an analysis can be done to determine the types of treatment that can be done to Non Surgically treat problems before they adversely affect your child’s facial growth.

Four Types of Major Problems That Can Affect Childhood Facial Growth

1. Retruded Lower Jaw

2. Protruded Lower Jaw

3. Narrow Upper Jaw

4. Asymetrical Facial Growth

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